About Us

If home is where the heart is...
then the kitchen is where you can find the soul!

Food has always been a constant at any special event that I have been a part of. It brings together friends and families. No matter the time apart, if you're 5 or 95, treats make everyone happy.

Treats and candy have always meant love in my mind. I can remember there was a celebration at my father’s church. It was Dia Del Pastor, or Day of the Pastor, and I fell in love with the way sweets and candy brought people together. I saw the people around me with nothing but happiness and love as they ate. 

It was my son’s birthday when I decided to make a Treat Bar for his birthday party. I found that I had a true passion for the work that went into making all of the candy and sweets for his treat bar. I loved seeing the way the kids and their families eyes lit up when they saw the beautiful and fun treats I had made. It brought everyone closer. For me, it’s about the details. They show how much passion I put into my sweet treats. 

Make any occasion a special one with Home Sweets: Custom Treats. 

We deliver anywhere in San Diego, California.